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Who is Flexstar? Why Flexstar?

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Who is Flexstar?

FLEXSTAR strives to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place through innovation. With over ten years of design and manufacturing experience, FLEXSTAR is oriented to develop unique products for specific growing situations using the highest-quality materials and construction only possible thanks to a wealth of knowledge and connections.

FLEXSTAR holds multiple US patents for breakthroughs in lighting technology and has developed an efficient supply chain that allow us to offer the best products at the best prices. Our products have helped hundreds of professionals bring greater vitality, health, and yields to their crops while our expertise has helped our clients develop their own efficient businesses in marketplaces as diverse as the United States, Europe, and East Asia. And since we control all of our R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and quality control, our products are guaranteed to the best you’ve ever used.

Further, all of our products are backed by warranties and our customer service is available every day of the week so any problem will be addressed succinctly. Welcome to the FLEXSTAR brand.

Why Flexstar?

The largest commercial grow lighting company with over 10 years of experience.

Customer Service 
Competitive product warranty with our local warehouses to promise reliable, consistent and timely service.

Our extremely high quality control standards are set in order to guarantee the top quality products from the manufacturer.

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Our mission

FLEXSTAR is committed to delivering the best indoor lighting solutions to our customers. FLEXSTAR allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality, health, and yields.

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Low frequency square wave technology.

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Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption.

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Sleek design saves space for flexible utilization.

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