Q: What are the plant strain you are planting?
A: We are planting Platinum OG.
Q: How many plants have you planted?
A: Each grow room with a capacity of 1400 plants.
Q: How big is your planting site?
A: 20,000 square feet.
Q: How many Flexstar lights have you bought?
A: We actually run 220 flexstar 720 watts.
Q: How many Flexstar lights do you use in a room?
A: We run 108 lights in each room
Q: What is your future planting plan?
A: Plant different species and extend plant period (flowering time changed from 8 weeks to 9 weeks)
Q: What is the output of our lights?
A: Commonly available up to 3 lbs per light.
Q: Your planting experience?
A: Ten years of planting experience, the first 8 years were hps yellow light planting, and in 2018, LED lights were trialed, from 2.5 pounds per lamp at first to now mature experience between 3 pounds and 3.5 pounds per light
Q: PPDF of Test Light?
A: Ihave tested the same type of 645W lights of other domestic brands, the same watts, the luminosity is stronger, the penetration is better, of course, the same brand of 720W light effect is better.
Q: The advantages of our lights?
A: With the same Watt number, the light efficiency is stronger and the stability is better. Planting different varieties, the stability has always been at a very good level; it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which can save higher power supply, and does not need to be equipped with better air conditioners ( This is convenient and can save a lot of money investment), and it is easier to control the indoor planting temperature; long life, ordinary hps yellow light, the bulb needs to be replaced in about two years, LED can be maintained for about 5 years; low energy consumption, high yield is the key.
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